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Gawai Sales

Yeah, you don't have to remind me. I know that I've been shopping a lot lately but can't help it. I've been quite stress for sometimes and shopping is the only getaway for now. Hahaha!!

OKOK, went to Kenyalang last weekend and I saw that they have sales for the last pair. Thank God that the last pair are all small size, not BIG size. Well, actually I have been going all round Kuching, looking for a decent office wear but couldn't get any that fits my legs. It appears that the smallest size is still big for me. Shesssh!!

So, since there's sales and it fits me, I decide to get it. RM39.90 but now is RM19.

While choosing the office wear, I saw this shoes, also RM39.90 but now is RM19.

And BF bought me a wallet. Lately, I've been attached with pink colors stuff (pink lunch box, pink hairclip, pink shoes and pink wallet) .. kekeke...

Shopping anyone?

2 tell DD:

RaiNboW 9:19 PM  

Haha.. I love shopping as well. I like that pink purse. Very cute

Dav DiDi 7:08 AM  

Bought in BDC ... not expensive.. below 20

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