SONY Cybershot DCS-W310

During the last PC Fair, BF bought a camera. Well, main reason for the new camera is remembrance for his bonuses this year and also for me to bring over for my trip next month. Hehehe...

My old camera (super old camera with 5MP only) uses the AAA battery. Lately the battery fails me and this gives me more excuses to get a new one. And with BF sponsoring a new camera, its even better! Hahaha..

Ok, cut the crap.

So, we play around with the camera after charging up the phones.

First, we snap some photos of the fishes..

And then, two lovely kittens. For those who wants them, sorry, they are Mirians now.

And not forgetting, BF action figure toys...

Us? Nah, not going to put it in my blog!

I love this phone. Yeahhhh....


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