Weekend in Serian

Have anyone been to Serian? When entering Serian town, you will be greeted by a big 'Durian' at the roundabout. 'Durian' in Serian has been very well known for decades, even until today.

What can we do here? While waiting for the other cousins to arrive, I decided to take a tour at the newsly built temple. There's no one there at the moment, except for the keeper.

I must say, I am well amazed at the statue there. It is so nicely done. Although I do not know what's each and every statue meant, but I know it symbolize some meaning.

Staircase to 'heaven'

At the side of the entrance, there's this cute little animal chair. At the middle, I guess this is their offering table.

Beside each door, you will see a wall with dragons. I love this one and even now, I'm still wondering how they could craft out something like this.

The weather at that time is very calming. With the nice environment, where I could view part of Serian, I think I can just go on day dreaming for hours!

Although, there's grave nearby, but still, my day dreaming mode is uninterruptable. Hehehehe....

After visiting the new temple, we headed to the town. I'm planning to go to the market to find some foods that I could bring along and enjoy in Ranchan. However, after turning and driving for at least 15 minutes, I fail to get any parking! Sheessshh, for the firstime in history, I saw Serian flooded with cars, police traffics and human!

Oh well, I think I have to forget about shopping in Serian. Since the other group is here, we decide to do some visiting.

Before headed off to Ranchan, we had lunch at one of the new restaurant new to Everise. Our plan is actually to had lunch at Ranchan but we just couldn't wait when we saw the long queue up front! I've forgotten that it's Gawai that time and everyone is rushing to buy stuff or to go back home for their Gawai celebration.

The waitress here panic-ly taking our orders. Of course, some of the order missed out and some, too much. Haha.. Anyway, it's been a while since the last time we have had family outing in such a big group (10 kids and 8 adults)

Next - Ranchan park, Serian


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