Weekends Getaway - Stampark Pool

Wondering where to go this weekend for family outing? Some of us (if you are like me) will not like the idea of driving hours to a destination just for a short getaway. That's what bugging me most of the time when there's a family gathering as I hate to sit in the car for hours.

So last weekend, my cousins and I had our family outing at Stampark Pool. I can see that we are not the only families that had chosen a well designated place as our getaway. Hehehe...

We don't have to go far to have fresh cold stone water or spring water to enjoy the bath. We can do it at Stampark. Agree yeah..

It's amazing and fun to see kids playing around, swimming from one corner to another and laughing non stop enjoying the swim. Oh well, I should come here more often. After all, entrance fee of RM5.50 pays when we go in a group as an outing.


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