Hong Kong Noodles, Padungan

I am the big fan of Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant! Yeah....

Anyway, this is actually the first time I came to the Padungan branch. I seldom shop for food until Padungan but since I need to change some USD and Japanese Yen, then, might as well support HK Noodles. Hehehe..

The environment is nice and very 'chinese' atmosphere. Unlike the one in Wisma Saberkas, this branch looks better and pleasant.

I order fried rice while my dad order pork meat fry with vegetable (kiam chai). As for drink, as usual, my favourite 'teh bunga' and 'kopi o' for my dad.

The portion of my fried rice is HUGE. Gosh, how can I finish them?

My dad's food looks too black and not very pleasant, but, there's a say "Do not judge the book by its cover". I must really agree with this sentences as the food taste much better than mine!

Of course, nothing is complete with my favourite sambal chillie. In fact, I mix them into my fried rice to get more taste of it.

I even mixed some of the 'kiam chai' from my dad's meat into my fried rice to get more taste. Tadaaaaaa, the DD's altered fried rice. Haha...

Overall, I still prefer the one at Wisma Saberkas. Hehehe....


Rose said…
I always take its roasted duck or fried rice. :p Long time I didnt go there since I did not work somewhere near city area.

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