Hui Sing Hawker Stall, Best of the Best!

I grew up eating kolo mee, ABC, 'me ta hon', cha kueh tiaw and lots more at places all around Kuching.. lol.. Amongst all places of eatery in Kuching, I have spent a lot on food at Hui Sing hawker stall! I realize that although I came here at least once a month, I've seldom blog about them. So, to make up to it, I decide to write a summary of what can be found here.

I must say that although Hui Sing Hawker stall doesn't sound like a 5 star hotel place, but, they offers the best food ever! My favourite food here is the cantonese kueh tiaw, cha kueh tiaw, tomato kueh tiaw from Hup Gim Heng and kolo mee from Ah Chong stall.

If you are visiting Kuching and would like to try some local dish, must, I mean MUST come here!!

And if you are in doubt of how or what to eat, well, I can give you some tips here:

Tauge mee/kueh tiaw - this means fried mee/kueh tiaw with eggs and tauge
Cantonese style mee/kueh tiaw - Fried mee/kueh tiaw with soup where the egg is mix with the soup
Tomato mee/kueh tiaw - almost the same as cantonese style just that this one, the gravy is mix with tomato

For side dish, can try the satay here. It is the best satay I've ever tried in Kuching! lol.. I know, I am way too praising them but it's really true. Try it and you'll see.

For drinks:
ABC - I don't know why they call it ABC, but it contains all those jelly that you could see at the stall
Me ta hon - one of my favourite, contains lemon, laici, cincau and the green jelly (not sure what they call it)
White lady - this one is nice, its milk and laici and some other sweet stuff

'Bak Chang'

There's also some other food here like fast foods, cha kueh, fried kueh tiaw with clams.....


Rose said…
Those were the days when I were in Inti College, went to Hui Ing for dinner or supper! hahaha!
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