MEN vs WOMEN - Women nags all the time while men prefer to stay quiet

As mentioned in the earlier posting about what I learnt from the pre-marriage course, there's another point that I really disagree. Many man say women nags all the time. Repeat and repeat and repeat without stop.

Now, did anyone question what is the rootcause of women who nags? Let me show a scenario here:

Girl: Don't forget that we need to bring the books tomorrow.
Guy: Ok
(tomorrow comes)
Girl: Did you bring the books?
Guy: What book? No, I didn't
Girl: I thought I've reminded you to bring the books yesterday
Guy: Oh, later remind me again. I forgot
(3 hours later)
Girl: Tomorrow don't forget bring the books. Put it in your car tonight
Guy: Ok
Girl: Don't forget again
Guy: Yeah, I will. Don't be such a nagger

Ok, now... The question lies here: Why women nags? It simply because GUYS is so forgetful or tends not to remember!! Some of you would say then don't remind them. Let me show you another scenario

Guy: I've got the receipt this morning. Let's go and redeem the stuff tomorrow.
Girl: Ok, bring along the receipt in case we need it
Guy: I know. It's in my wallet
Girl: Ok, if you said so
(and tomorrow comes)
Guy: Let's go and redeem the stuff
Girl: Ok
(at the counter)
Counter Girl: I need to see the receipt.
(guy speaks to the girl)
Guy: Do you have the receipt?
Girl: I thought you say it's in your wallet
Guy: Oh, I took it out this morning. Why didn't you remind me?

BOOM!!!! Understand what I'm trying to say?

When we remind, guys say we are such a nagger. And when we don't remind, things happens, it's all because we never remind them! SO guys, before you say that your wife/fiancee/girlfriend is such a nagger, think first WHY WOMEN NAGS?

And another scenario..

Girl: Let's go Kenyalang later
Girl: Can we go Kenyalang later?
Girl: I want to go Kenyalang. Can or not go later?
Guy: Yes, how many times do you want to repeat?

Lol... Hey, GUYS being in silent doesn't mean you are giving the girls feedback! So silent is not the way to feedback. We are not god that can read your mind ok!

I think I made my point .. If you are laughing.. hope you are entertained but if you start cursing, ooppssss, did I step on somebody's tail?

Oh well, it's just some food for thoughts for the day


Rose said…
One main point to take note is "Men do not like naggers" and "Women like to nag". So compromise must be there....Communication is two way road, both parties need to contribute, but like other aspect, there is always one a listener and other is talker. Which one you prefer?
Anonymous said…
Dav DiDi said…
Men must be a good listener while women have to learn to speak things once and no repetitions :)

Errmmm .. i guess I need to publicly announce in my blog that I can't read chinese

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