MEN Vs WOMEN - Women speaks 25K words a day while MEN speaks 12K words

ouple of weeks ago, BF and I attended a pre-marriage course. There's two items that the speakers say which I really strongly object to it.

From my title, I believe you know what I meant. The speakers emphasize that women speaks too much that men can only grab a few points of the whole conversations.

I am totally so so not agree with the speaker about this point because he is missing out the important points, that is, WHY WOMEN SPEAK MORE THAN MAN?

One of the example "Let's go to the other end there because I want to snap some photos there, at the bridge."

And the men will only grab "GO", "Snap" and "Photos". I believe a lot of ladies out there having this problem. When we say something, we tends to repeat what we say in order to let the guys know what we want to say. Agree?

What does this tells you? Does this means that a man's brain works slower than women? Womens speaks more than man is simply because man doesn't listen to what we say! In this case above, we will need to repeat and tell the guys that we want to take picture at the bridge, not just anywhere!

Ok, maybe you will say that guys can't catch what women say is because women's sentences is damn long! Let me put up the whole conversation of the above example:

Girl: Let's go there
Guy: There's a lot of fish there
Girl: Yeah, and the bridge is unique
(Arrive at the bridge with ponds)
Guy: Wahh, the fish is so big
Girl: Help me to take pic at the bridge
Guy: Ok, later, let's see the fish first.
(waiting for the guy and watch the fish with him)
(minutes pass)
Girl: Help me take my picture at the bridge before people comes
Guy: Ok
(but there's no action)
Girl started to get mad and just look at the guy. Then the guy say...
Guy: What?
Girl: You want to help me or not?
Guy: Oh, take picture, ok, sit there
Girl: Why sit on the bench
Guy: You want to take picture, right
Girl: I want to take picture on the bridge not BENCH!

Now, people? Why women speaks more than man? First of all, guys never listen, not that what we say is very long sentences! Secondly, guys listen to what they want to hear and not what women is saying. In this case, the guy just listen 'take pic' and refuse to listen to the 'location' to take picture. And thirdly, even when a guy response to a girl, in this case "OK", the message from the girl is missing somewhere, therefore, a girl have to repeat the whole thing once again!

Eventually, my disagreement had brings me to wrote a comment at the end of the class that women speaks more because men is deaf or simply doesn't want to listen.

So now, never.. never.. never ever say women speaks too much! Finds out the rootcause of it..

OKOK, I think I'm starting to piss off some of the guys. But I do believe, most girls will agree with what I say.


Rose said…
good points there Didi! That is why men and women interpret things differently. said…
DD, congratulations! A step towards marriage. What a surprise after haven't been here for some time, or I just silently come and go.

Personally, from a guy perspective, I really will listen to a woman unless she NAGS! Gosh, I just hate nagging, the worst noise pollution it is.

Hmmm. I am no expert but next time when you partner is wandering off, you might want to try to be different. You have to figure it out. ;)

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