Dining at Tsuburi, Osaka, Japan

For the next few posting, this blog is going to be filled with food and nothing but the gorgeous FOOD topic!!

In one of my dinner time in Japan, I found this unique shop that starts its business hours from 11am onwards. It is actually right opposite my hotel. The shop is really packed like sardine during lunch time and yet they can manage it with only 2 people (cook and helper). It's really amazing!

Two workers - one cook, one helper

So, what is unique about this place? First, this is actually a self-service place where you go to the counter, place your order, pay and wait for the food. Then, bring the food to the table, finish up your food and bring back the plate to a designated rack. That's not it. You need to throw away all remainder of the food in one bin, recyclable rubbish into one bin and non-recycle into another bin.

OK, this may not sound so unique. The reason I came here is because I want to try eating while standing. Yeah, there's no chair here and those who came here obviously is rushing for time. Hahahaha..
Only table and no chair

Overall, the food is SUPERB!! I tried this so call ramen (the lady say it is chinese ramen, whatever that mean). The soup is really comforting. I bought the tempura too and trust me - the tempura is HUGE!!!
Chinese ramen?

Giant Tempura
The sauce

This is actually the only shop where I remember its name - Tsuburi. Other dining shop that I went is in Japanese wordings. Sigh.!
Tsuburi, taken from across the streets


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