Japan, Country of the Rising Sun

11th July marks the most memorable and fun adventures that is coming ahead for me. I'm going to Japan! Yahooooooo...
Country of rising sun, this is 5am in the morning
It doesn't comes easy for me though. In getting to Japan, I had to write an abstract which I will be presenting if accepted. It takes me months to prepare for this abstracts and weeks just to prepare for the trips. Imagine my feeling back then, one side worrying about presenting in front of others professionals while on the other side, happy and excited to be able to visit this country of the rising sun!
Security - Having heard of so many things about Japan, I feel that Japan is a very safe place to travel. When I'm there, I'm not worry at all of being rob, bully or kidnap. lol.. The people there is extremely friendly! Even when you are talking to the citizen who don't speak English, they still try their best to tell you what you want.
Politeness - I guess some of you must be thinking how do I communicate to them when they don't speak English. Well, simple - sign language! For example, when entering a shop, I asked the workers if I can bring my drinks in by simply showing the bottle and point outside the shop and inside the shop. The workers understand perfectly what I'm trying to say and say something while his hand shows the 'good' sign.
The people - Japanese are extremely friendly and respect each other. They make use of all the time doing something useful and some of them are already on their way to work as early as 5am! lol..
The food - in Malaysia, all japanese food have chickens or seafood. In Japan, the foods are seafood and pork! I never know this until I'm there. Trust me, those japanese food lover must definitely try out the real japanese cooking. The taste and smell is really different. I really loves all the food that I tried over there.
The cleanliness - I believe they take into big consideration on cleanliness. There's this time where I went into one boutique to try out a shirt. Before I enter the changing room, I had to leave my sandals outside the changing room. Not only that, I need to wear hair net! lol.. And their toilet is very 'efficient'. There's dressing table for ladies toilet and all sorts of buttons and liquids and papers inside the toilet! You can even turn on musics while doing your business. The best part is that the toilet is auto flush. Hahaha...
The road - I love walking along Japan. There's no need to worry about falling into a hole, trip over something, step on dog shit or whatsoever. I can hardly find any rubbish anywhere on the road! Even in the train, it is perfectly clean! Clean and high tech!

The lifestyle - I guess I've been pampering a lot about Japan. However, life in Japan may not be as perfect as what I can imagine. Seeing sun as early as 5am normally will trigger some to get up early and work hard. This definitely adds another point for the stress level that you can get in no time!
I really enjoy the people there. So much politeness, so helpful and superbly clean! Normally I won't go into public toilet but when I'm there, I don't mind even to stay in the public toilet. Lol .. Soon, I'll try to find some time to just post up the fun that I've had in Japan.


Rose said…
i heard lot goog thing about Japan from my dad who visited there twice. Other than the language barrier and weather, Japan is great place to visit
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah, should really take an opportunity to come here at least once
Aries said…
Nice photos. I have never been to Japan. You sound like you are enjoying your trip
Dav DiDi said…
Aries, yes I really do enjoy the trip.. Thanks to their people that makes my journey a whole lot safer and fun !

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