Kuching Festival 2010

This is one of my late posting - AGAIN. I've been caught in very bad fever for few days and have neglected my blog for a while.

Kuching Festival will be held every year in the month of August. So what can we find here? Kuching is famous with food, therefore, any festival will not be complete if there's no food. Lol... You can actually find a lot of different types of variety of food here. I can't wait for my taiwan sausage and to try out some other new stuff too.

You can walked around the garden too. I must say that this year design for the garden is much better than last year. Also, I realize they have moved the stage to be at the lake area.

After the garden, I walked around the fun fair area. Well, nothing interest me because every fun fair is the same game, same gifts and same tactic. No new stuff.

Here's some of the photos I've took from the Kuching Festival this year.. Enjoy!

I want this car!

Ok Ok Laaaaa

Regret! I want the real OKONOMIYAKI!!!


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