Luxurious Dinner - Sponsored by Organizer

I must say that IEEE conference is really professional even in satisfying our desire for food. I enjoy the food at the conference very much. From the conference, I get to taste almost all types of japanese expertise - unagi, tempura, sushi and lots more.

Not going to talk much about the conference but to let pictures speaks for me .. Hehehe..

I think this is steam fish, the Japanese way

Dim sum, the Japan way?
Superb prawn

I think this is ham, but it's one nice dish !
My plates ...

Tempura (but it's fish)
Sauce for the tempura

Satisfied faces
All you can drink. hehehe...
My glass, red wine
What's for lunch?
Lunch box at the conference

Sandwiches .. can you agree that it looks cute?


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