Namba City, Osaka, Japan

Nanba or Namba, is a must to go place in Osaka. It is something like Indian Street in Kuching but is covered with roof even on the road. Inside Namba station, there's 2 stories underground and 2 stories above ground shopping mall. The place is so huge that I lost my way on my second trip over here.

I met a guy who works in the mall, at the pharmacy area. He knows Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese. Wow!!!! Anyway, I didn't take pictures of him. He thought that I'm from Korea. Lol...

Outside Namba station, you can see a huge places for you to get some souvenirs home. Of course, the price of the items here is not affordable for me. Haha!
Namba Park is located about 15 minutes from Namba station. I didn't go there though because the moment I stepped out of the station, I'm amazed and shock with the place. It's so WIDE!!! I passes by Donburi (I think is an eatery place) and later, lost my way.

I really loves Japan. Everywhere, there's policeman who will guide us if we lost our way (not to forget that these policeman is so much good looking than here, lol).

After walking around for about an hour, I tried to locate a pet shop. I passes this pet shop a couple of times and not realizing that its a pet shop! Geezzzz .. You must be wondering why can't I differentiate pet shop than the others. Well, what would you be guessing if you see this right in front of the shop?

What do you think this shop is?

It's a pet shop!!!
Anyway, I loves Namba! But at the same time, I hated it too as I just can't get my way right!

Hope that I'll have another chance of coming back to Osaka or maybe Hokkaido. Hehehe...


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