Osaka Science Museum

National Museum of Arts (next to Science Museum)
The Osaka Science Museum is based on the themes of universe and energy. Here, you can learn a lot about what science brings to us and how science progresses through time. The simulations that they have here really brings interest for us to learn more and more about science. I am actually amazed at this place than learning about science. lol!

The first floor have planetarium, a reproduction of the evening sky on a gigantic screen and omnimax theater. I didn't go for this two though because according to the ticket lady, it's in japanese. Oh well, if its in Japanese, I surely not going to get advantages but instead wasting my money.

I started my journey from the top floor. I can't remember al the things that I see (the scientific term), so I think I better just showed the picture rather than trying to be a scientist. Lol..

The Globe

Me smelling the natural perfume.. yuck!

I did captured some videos though but not sure why, I can't upload it here.. Hhmmmm


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