Wedding Dinner at Serian

Few weeks ago, I attended my cousin's wedding dinner at Serian. I'm actually quite impressed with Serian people's punctuality. It appears that they are so much better in term of punctuality compared to Kuching. Oppsss..

Wedding card shows 6.30pm. The dinner starts before 7pm. AMAZING!!! This is the most punctual wedding dinner I've ever attended!!

Ok, enough about the amazing punctuality. I'm not going to talk much about the wedding but instead, share the food pictures with all of you.

Hot&Cold Dish

Shark fin soup ..

3 layer pork

See the 3 layer

Super big steam fish

Roasted duck ..

Herbs chicken .. not for me

This is mix veggie .. I like the way they present the dish out

Unique veggie

Not forgetting .... YAMMMMM SENG!!!!


Rose said…
telling you the truth, I always love to go to "sua teng" wedding because like you said, they are punctual and the food is usually in big portion and taste nicer! :p
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, agree with u .... some more .. they dont put too much ajinomoto also .. it is very much tradition too

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