Green Starts At Home

What do we knows about green environment? Most of us just know that we should recycle our 'rubbish' as part of our contribution to save mother nature. Isn't it much better if we can contribute some, not only in term of recycling?

Whenever I'm feeling moody, looking at a green scenery would calm my mind and gives me more strength. If we are at big cities, we can hardly see greens around us.

If we have a garden at our house, why not do some gardening, beautifying the garden instad of doing some serious renovations to elimate those empty space? Gardening not only contributes to the mother nature but also to ourselves. If we planted vegetables or fruits at our garden, it is actually one of the cost cutting that we can do to our pocket.

How much would a kilo of papaya cost you? But if you have your own papaya tree, you can just get some fresh papaya whenever you want at your own garden!

Papaya - fresh from the garden

Its going to cost you at least RM10 for all this papaya

Same goes to vegetables. Not only that vegetables planted by ourselves gives us more saving, but also heathier. Have you ever wonder how much toxics in all the vegetables that you've bought? If you planted themselves, you will know whether there's pesticides or other toxics on it.

Go green now and green starts at our home.. ! If others can turn their home into green pastures, so can all of us.

Second version of brocolli
My favourite
"Ma li chai", also known as cangkuk manis
Sweet corn

Soon I can have my own corn, no more RM10 for 5

Chinese, we call it 'ba-ka-long'

Banana tree

Dragon fruits tree

P/s: Don't come to my house and start steal my fruits ya!


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