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RM2 Bonanza Sushi King

 I realize that not many go for the RM2 bonanza this round. I arrived there around 11.45am and still, I do not have to queue up to have my turn.

As for choices, I'm dissapinted that there's no tempura type sushi. In making up of tempura, I had God knows how many plate of unagi. Not only that, I realize they did not use the plate to indicate the original price for the sushi.

Anyway, not going to talk much for now. Just shows some sushi picture...

2 tell DD:

Aries 9:24 AM  

Just like my youngest son, he loves Sushi, when ever his birthday draws near and ask where would he want to celebrate at, he will always say Sushi. (celebrate just the 4 of us, not inviting guest etc) Sushi at those supermarket like Jusco taste good too and much cheaper. Happy Halloween to you.

Dav DiDi 8:17 AM  

Happy Halloween to you too :)

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