Tough Decision, Tough Day

Since last week, I've been feeling so broken hearted and sad. Nothing to do with relationship thingy. Just that, sometimes in life, we can't have all that we wants.

We can't have things which is not ours. We can't have things which is beyond our reach. Whatever comes, will go. Whatever go, something will comes. And when it comes, it is up to us to grab or letting it go.

Anyway, with all those 'chit-chatting' and 'discussion' or whatsoever that we called, I can't say that I am not touch. It's really difficult to make the decision with such a good 'speaker'. Indeed, I do hope I would change my decision, but what's done, it's done. There's no turning back.

I really hope that they will understand and support me especially bb. Well, I pray to God that He will grant them with good life and good replacement. It's not easy to go through and I really hope and pray that I can get through it.

I will always remember them in my heart and my prayers goes with them always.


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