Dine at Romano’s Macaroni Grill

After the hour at work, we decided to go shop around shopping malls – Marshall. I didn’t get anything from here though. The shirts isn’t the one that I like and I hardly find one which is my size. Argghhhhh!! I wants to get myself sport shoes!

We hang out for dinner at a place call Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Before we enter the restaurant, I manage to take pictures around the restaurant in spite of the cold weather. Haha!

I like the building in US. It’s kind of unique without any paints on the walls. Unlike Malaysia, houses here is more wooden and sometimes, people here built their own house! Amazing right?

Ok, I should get back to my topic. Every western restaurant in US will have free bread. I think after this trip, I won’t want to touch any bread. I see bread almost everyday. Sigh! I order lasagna this time but the name for the meal is super long.

Anyway, here’s some picture of them food that we order. Some of the picture quite blur. I have problem with using flash with my camera. Huh!


RaiNboW said…
Your blog can change into a food blog lor.. so many food photo. haha...

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