Dine at Ruby’s Tuesday, St Peters

On my first dinner in St. Peters, my colleagues brought us to this restaurant called Ruby’s Tuesday. Ok, I won’t mention what’s my meal name since I’ve forgotten all the lovely names of food that they have around here.

I can say that most of the food they have here is either with cheese or meat or both of them. The food is quite nice – or I can say the western food here is much better than the one we have in hometown. At least, refill of drink is free. Haha.. But the bad thing is that, for every restaurant, you must give 10% min tips to the waitress. They will introduce themselves when they serves you. After that, every of your needs will be taken care by the waitress. Sheeeesh, this makes me wants to be a part time waitress!
Ok, here’s the food that we have ordered…
This is free of charge