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Drury Inn Stay

After a week, I finally remember to snap some photos of my room. Lol.. What I can say is that, the room is bigger than my room back home. There’s 3 pillows per bed and each room have 2 bed. I felt very much comfortable in the room and in no time, I make myself at home. Hahaha…

If someone ask me what I missed in US, well, I must say that there’s two things that I missed so far – the drinks and Drury Inn’s bed. Lol!


3 tell DD:

Netster 12:19 AM  


Merry Christmas.


RaiNboW 1:01 PM  

What drinks? Red wine and beer? lol...

Dav DiDi 5:41 PM  

Merry Christmas to you too...
Errmm.. not sure about beer but got wine lar.. hehe

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