Snow in US

When I’m in US that time, winter is just the beginning. I did not really experienced the snow although I do see some tiny bit of snow, or I can say, more to ice.

There’s this one time where we had to scrap off the ice from the car before we headed to work. This is some experience and I must say that I understand now why some people just hated winter. Well, for me, I enjoyed it and eventually took some photos of having fun while the car is covered with ice!

I enjoy the ice and the cold. One thing good about the cold is that we don’t sweat that much. Hahaha .. Anyway, if there’s wind blowing in the icy weather, I must say that its terribly cold and you can feel it right into your bones.


This water bottle is leftover night in the car. End up become ice

Even the 'eye' is covered with ice

I spoil the ices

Layer of ice

Let's decorate the screen!


Netster said…

I would do that too if I have the opportunity to stay there LOL

Dav DiDi said…
Netster, it is fun but there's price to pay - the cold..haha

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