The Assumption Church, Missouri-US

As usual on every Sunday, I would go to church, be it back at hometown or in US. It just happen that we found this church which is quite near to where we stayed.
I found that there’s a little bit of differences between the church here and in Kuching. First, a girl  can also be the altar boy in US. Second, during the communion, everyone would be given some wine resembling blood of our Lord. Other than that, everything is the same except for the songs.

It’s a very nice and remarkable church. I love the design and layout. It is actually a very big church if compare to those that we have in Kuching. The priest is very friendly too. He spoke to us after the mass. I think he spotted some Asians busy taking pictures around the church and obviously, we don’t look like someone from US!
Although the weather is crazily cold, we still manage to stay outside for more than 30 minutes for the sake of taking pictures of the church and scenery.

After the photo taking and being speechlessly cold out there, I can’t really feel my hand anymore. I told my colleagues I lost my nose, my hand and even my ear! Lol…


RaiNboW said…
The photo of you is very small in the picture lah...

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