Lobsters in US

After staying in US for a week, I don’t bother to take pictures of the place that I’m about to fill my stomach. The weather is getting colder too – from 4 degree the day I reached to -11!

Anyway, on the last day of my stay in US, we decided to go to eat US lobsters. According to my colleague, this lobster is considered small compared with the one they had on the first day. For me, the size of these lobsters is good enough for me, else, I’ll be wasting food AGAIN.

Without my colleague, I won’t be able to finish up my food. Every meal came with salad and free bread. For me, I can fill my stomach with only the bread. After 2 weeks of salad, I came to the point that I’m beginning to feel scared when I see salad. Lol!

No idea how's the salad taste like - one of my colleague finish up for me..Haha

Big lobster...


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