Taipei 101, RH Plaza

We don’t have to go to Taiwan to taste some Taiwan’s gourmet. Right in our Kuching city, there’s a restaurant that served Taiwan food. Haha, but I bet that original Taiwan food is still so much different.

On my last day in previous company, we went for lunch at Taipei 101. Well, it’s a sudden lunch arrangement and I appreciate the gratitude and appreciation of everyone that had treat me so far. Anyway, I don’t really care about the one hour lunch hour rules anymore. Hahaha.. I bet we spent more than an hour here. Anyway, I didn't go round from one department to another department saying goodbye. My excuse is that, I do not want to 'flood' the company. Haha!

I can’t remember all the food that I’ve ordered. The first time I came here, the menu is in Chinese only. That’s really a disadvantages for me since I don’t read or write in Mandarin. I guess, they have improved in their menu representation. Lol!

Here’s what we have ordered…

For me, the food here is just ok. Not very special or attractive but it’s a nice place to hang out with friends and families.


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