Dinner at Chef Delicious

Anyone have heard of Chef Delicious? This is actually the second or third time I've been here. What makes me keep coming back here is the friendliness of the staff and its obvious that customer is their priority.

This time, I've booked a room as it was my dad's birthday. The food is quite yummy and the price is really reasonable. If you booked a room, you can actually listened to songs while enjoying your meal. I've played around the controls to choose the song that I want. One of the songs is by Crazy Frog. Anyone remember this song? The video clips is so FUNNY!! I think I'm getting addicted once again to crazy frog.

The lighting in the room .....

What song next?

Anyway, here's some of the food that I've ordered. At the end of the meal, I totally forgotten about taking pictures as I'm too focused with my food. Lol!!

This is not for me .. hehehe ...

Nice plate.. don't you think so?