Food For Thought

Yes, I know that lately I've been lagging posting in my blog and has been way too silence in the blogging world. I seldom blog hopping like lastime. Been quite busy with work and personal stuff. For work, well new experience means more things to learn and more commitment to gain the experience. Lol! Hope I can learn fast and get on track so that I can have more time in blogging. Hehehe.. I miss my blog!
Personal life is busy too. My new house is going to be ready soon - hopefully. This mean, more money out than money in for this year. Anyway, each time when I see the house, I feel a big relieve and satisfaction.
Anyway, here's some of the food I've had and the surrounding. I think this place is known as 'Wishing Well' previously.


Rose said…
Move into new house soon? Wah, I also going to be busy with new house, but not that fast moving in :p

Good luck in your new job, dear.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Rose, THanks! Oh well, the house not ready yet .. I do hope it will get ready pretty soon.

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