If you have been visiting my site frequently, I guess you will realize that this blog has been lack of posting recently. I must admit that my schedule is tight day and night.

Apart from new experience and plenty to learn at work, I've been busy with my personal life too. At work, time passes easily without I realizing it. Most of the time, I didn't even know lunch time is near. Not to mention time to go home. Oh well, there's too much to learn that time is just not enough!

After work, still, there's more things to think. For those who knows me, you know what's happening this year. There's just way too many things to do recently. As I've attending RCIA class last year, I got to follow up with my teacher when is the confirmation class! Hhmmmm...

Let me see what's up for March. I have an appointment in 5th March at place A. Then, plan to set an appointment on place B. I got to make them change the items that I don't want and replace with things that I want! Also, 'dear' going to start night shift and I'll be left alone most of the time. Sobs...

April - well, it suppose to be my confirmation on Easter. Hopefully teacher remembers me. He forgot about putting me into the list last year. Argghhh!!

May - its going to be time for me to choose the suitable design. I'm not sure what I want and I hope things going to be move smoothly without any difficulties. *Anxious*

June - I really got to keep my energy for that one day. Else, I'll be spending 'dear' money unwisely. Hahaha!!!!

July - I think I need to take a reast for a month! Oh wait... By now, my new house should be ready. This means research for new furnitures, grills, renovation (if possible).

Oh well, there's so much activities pending in my list. As a planner in previous company, I use to plan my steps and stuff nicely. I've wrote all that I want to do and to my surprise, the list go on and on!!!

Anyway, I pray for the best. In the meantime, do pardon me if there's lack of posting in my blog....

My new jogging partner ....


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