Cucumber Juice

Whenever I go out for lunch, I won't order drinks most of the time. Reason is I don't know what drink to order. If I got thirsty and still don't have a clue, I'll just get myself a cup of sky juice (plain water la). Hehe..

I was introduced with this drink - Fresh cucumber juice. First impression is 'huh'? I thought the taste would be weird and not nice at all. Well, I'm wrong!

I got so fond of this juice that I started to make my own! Haha... Of course, none of the people in my house (including BF) wants to try it.

So, what's my ingredient? Basically just water, sugar, cucumber and sour plum. Blend the cucumber, then add water and sugar as how you like it to be. Lastly, add on 2 sour plum and stir.


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