Nice Meal @Verinice, Padungan

I believe the owner purposely invented the restaurant to be called “Verinice”, which means “very nice”. It’s quite a creative and attractive as this surely will attracts more people to come here for a meal.

Well, this is the first time I come here. The environment is nice and good to have a family lunch or dinner. They hung up a big frame of food pictures on the wall. From the look of the food photos, I’m hungry already!
I think the owner is also a freelance photographer. Every photo in the menu looks so tempting. Lucky that I didn’t embarrassed myself by dropping off saliva. Lol!

I just couldn’t resist when I see the photos of fried rice. As I’m in Verinice, so I ordered Verinice fried rice. They have ways for food name too! I guess its best to show photos rather than talking about it, right?

Can't remember the name but for me, this is cantonese kueh tiaw

Verinice fried rice

Verinice fried noodle

Fish fried rice


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