Stampark Waterpark - The New Look!

Have anyone been to Stampark lately?

For me, I think the lastime I visited Stampark would be end of last year. I must say that there's a lot of improvement and renovation going on. They have new convenient stall outside, at the parking area. I didn't go in to have a look as I thinks the price would definitely not cheap!

They have pickup and drop off area too. The entrance has move to the side, with barcoded system too. Haha! This is really a high class swim center. What attract me most if the simply yet pleasant garden at the side way from the entrance.

I got attracted to a sign that they hung up next to the coconut tree. Guess, what is that sign? Well, the management is kind enough to let people aware and watch out for any possibilities of coconut falling down. Haha!

For me, it is rather expensive to come here for a swim, unless I'm thinking of spending the whole morning/afternoon at the pool. I don't really enjoy the swim today as there's way too many people today. Anyway, enjoy the photos.


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