Hakka's Lui Chai

Lui Cha is a traditional hakka meal which is actually a very healthy food. It cleanses our stomach from dirts and helps for those who have bowel movement problem.

This food comprises of rice, 'malichai' (my favourite), peanuts, beans and many other. If not mistaken, there's 7 types of green leaves in the soup.

Although I am a hakka, I don't drink the soup. For me, it is way too unacceptable!!

Many says that lui cha at 7th mile is nice. So I take the opportunity to try it out. Well, there's not much ajinomoto, which adds into the point for the stall.

Too much, cannot finish


RaiNboW said…
I can't accept the lui cha soup too. That's why I will not order it when I go out eating.
Dav DiDi said…
Me too but since I'm not so hungry, so I just order. I think next time I tell them no need soup. Lol !!

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