Holiday Day Trip

Recently, my company had asked us to take a week off for shutdown. For me, I look at it as time for me to finally had some rest after almost a year striving and working like mad. This is definitely the time for me to relax and sleep!!

So, what did I do on the week long holiday? I didn't go travelling because it was short notice and air ticket that time is super expensive and ridiculous. So, I had my fun in Kuching ..

Plugging rambutan from my house is a must do thing!

Accompanying my dad to market to get some fresh fish/meat/vegetables.. For me, all the fish look the same. Hahahaha !!!

Day trip to Mt Singai is just a booster to help me maintaining and gaining more stability in my stamina. It's durian season now but all the durians in Mt Singai is still not edible yet.

Durian found at Mt Singai.. too bad, not ripe yet
And of course, some breakfast preparation before going down the holy place.

Last, I went pooling. Not the swimming pool kind of pool... but snookering type of pool. Lol!!

It's durian season now. And without getting my mouth stinks with durian, the holidays just not right!!

And at last, the happy me..


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