Nu Er Hung, Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Anyway been here? Well, the food is quite nice (but I'm not sure the price).

In one of the company function, the management of Pullman gave us a treat for dinner. I must say the food taste is quite nice and the decorations is extremely attractive. Too bad, I didn't manage to take any photos of the decorations. The reason is simple - when the waitress introduce a meal, they would divide the food and gave it to us in plates to everyone!! That also mean, I'm extremely full after the end of the dinner.

Anyway, free food, why should I bother? lol...I must admit they do have their unique ways for the food and the combination. It is something very different from other restaurant that I've been too.

The napkin. I got quite 'paiseh' when the waitress help to put on the napkin

Yumm Yummm..I love this one

Szechuan soup.. hehehe..

Just see how yummy it is ...

Prawn - both butter and spicy prawn

Fried rice ...

Roasted chicken ...

The best after so much heavy food - vegetables... yummy!

Sago and mango as desserts. I just loves the taste!!

See the bubble. Yummy laaaa


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