Bukit Mata Seafood, One Jaya

Anyone ever been to the new shopping complex at Jalan Song? Well, I never had idea what to buy each time I come here. But, they have a seafood restaurant at the highest level - Bukit Mata Seafood

Since that the weather is extremely burning lately, I pick this place to eat my dinner on my birthday. Environment - awkward ... I can see people going up the stairs and they can see me ....

Food wise, well, not much comment. Not that bad but not superb too. They don't have coconut drinks .. sighhhhh....

So what we order? You'll be surprise that three of us can actually finish all of this!!

Soup for the day....

My lovely butter prawn

Roasted chicken

I should took the whole pot. But I'm too greedy that I only remember after the food are on individual bowl..lol
Yum Yum .. can try and if you stays nearby and lazy to go anywhere further, can come here ....


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