Comfortable Lunch at House Type Coffeeshop

This is my first time be come to this place for a very simple home lunch.

I don't really know in English, how we call this area but in hokkien, we called it 'pek tiam teh' or in mandarin '8 dien di'. I guess anyone in Kuching would sure know where is this area.

Also, there's newspaper for those who wants to read them. Too bad, I can't read chinese newspaper.

It is indeed a house which they extended their car porch and turn it into a place to sell food.

It's a very relaxing and enjoying lunch with the feeling of back to 1990s'. Why I say that? Well, I have this as my drinks and it cost me RM1 only. For lunch, I can't remember what it is call but mee...


Philosopher said…
Nice One.

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