Chef At Home - Revisit

For those who just loves a big portion of western food but with reasonable price, you can consider this place.

I loves to come here once a while as the price is really affordable. Most of the time, western food cost more than RM30 per dish but for this place, its ranging from RM9 to RM20. One tips here is, not to come during festive season. The price is totally different during festive time and normal time.

During my gathering with ex-colleague, I revisit this restaurant. It's a nice place to catch up with friends due to the quietness of the place.

Now, most importantly, the food that we order:

Mushroom soup in bun

Original spaghetti bolognese

Chicken chop

Fish and chips

Forgot what is this .. hehe

Lastly, desserts


Rose said…
Where is this?? So familiar yet cannot remember
Dav DiDi said…
Hui Sing oh .. the house type one at Lorong 5.. near the garden
Rose said…
Oh i see! Always passed by but never try it. Good har?? Always ask my hubby to go but we didnt have the time.
Dav DiDi said…
shud try .. the price is reasonable.. taste not bad..but dun get the spaghetti ... try the meat ..

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