Pending Food Court

If you're thinking of some seafood for lunch, try out the Pending Food stall. You can get quite a variety of seafood here.

For me, I wouldn't want to go here so often. Its not the food to blame but the construction there. The road is dusty and very jam. But if you're thinking of catching some 'snake' from work during lunch, then think of this place. Oh well, just creating excuse to boss why late from lunch - traffic jam. Lol!

Whenever there's some ex-pat coming to our office, we would always order some local foods as signature dish to promote our city as the king of foody goody. Yeahhhhh ..

Bidin in garlic

Fried tauhu

Butter squid

Steam prawn. Surprisingly, its quite taste

Fried fish in Thai style. Surprisingly, we manage to amazed our fella colleague from German with this dish


Rose said…
AS long as the prawns are fresh, what ever style of cooking fit the prawns well! Long time didnt go to Pending food court.

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