Sweet 2011, Challenging 2012

For me, 2011 feels like just a minutes away. There's so much good and bad memories but then, all these memories is still a nice one..

Thinking back, 2011 has been a wonderful year for me. Starting with a new job and new circle of colleagues, life's quite interesting. I've been busy with my work almost all the time as the company is starting up.

Not just that, wedding is around the corner. I've attended wedding in June, August, October, November and December. Gosh!! I think I've received more than 5 wedding invitation!

New job;Weddings; Not just that - After so many years, we finally meet up again. My uni-mate just makes me feels younger! Its been a while and still, the friendship is still there. True friendship last forever. Hope that can meet up again some other time.

What else... Oh ya, I finally step into Brunei. Although its a short trip, but then still, I finally been to Brunei! During my 3 years study in Miri, I've never ever been to Brunei although this country is just an hour drive from my Miri house. Lol...

2011 sweetness moment:
- Got a pay increment during probation period (lol)
- Meet up with uni-mate and had a small gathering
- Upgrade my handphone. haha..
- Went to Brunei
- Paid my study loan
- Most importantly, getting married
- And finally, got my house key

Finally, 2012 is here..! Anyone remember the movie 2012? Oh well, I keep thinking about this movie whenever I remember year 2012. Lol.. Whether or not this will comes true, let's just put our faith in Him...

Looking forward now, my target for this new year is quite simple:
- build stronger relationship with hubby
- recover financially
- more increment (wink)
- more time to update my blog
- stay fit and healthy

Let us all pray and wish for a peaceful and greated 2012 to the people and to our mother Earth!

Happy New Year 2012 and God bless! May His light and abudant blessing be upon all of us ...


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