Welcome to Batu Niah, Miri

As HB is from Batu Niah, we take this chance to go and have a visit at his hometown too. Our journey begins by renting a car - the cheapest one, Kancil manual @RM80 per day.

After 2 hours driving, we finally reach Batu Niah. The first thing that HB think of is the mee soup from one of the stall where an old aunty is preparing it. She is quite old and very forgetful. It took her more than 10 minutes to prepare our meal. But the, the wait is much worth while

The old lady and her daughter

HB's most favourite mee soup
After our lunch a.k.a tea break, we headed over to HB's uncle house. Well, I forgot to take picture now as we are all tired from the journey.

The next day, journey begins with playing with the pigs...

Mummy pigs and her kids

Daddy Pig .. very fierce !
After feeding the pigs and also the mosquitoes, we headed over to his uncle's palm oil farm. HB helped his uncle for a while, while me, standing and feeding some more mosquitoes..

By the river, I'm trying to clean my sandals..
After a tough 10 minutes of helping his uncle, he bring me round the farm. For me, it felt like jungle tracking. Not much pictures though. As a gal from town, this is not an easy task for me - walking around jungle...

Wait for me !!

HB is far in front .. sobs

I better stay here, accompanied by this mushroom
After the "jungle trekking", HB bring me around Batu Niah town area and also the museum. Not much pictures on the museum though.. We are not allow to take pictures..

That's all for Niah..more when I go there again..


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