Lunch at The Venue, RH Plaza

The other day, I went for lunch at The Venue, RH Plaza. The restaurant is somewhere near to Swanteem Steamboat.

Since it is the birthday of one colleague, we just let him decide all the dishes. Well, I didn't really hear what he ordered. Hehehe..

The environment is extremely quiet for lunch. I think we are the only one there. Maybe, not many people that opt for heavy lunch or maybe their target is for dinner.

The service is quite slow, considering that we are the only customer there. The workers are busy cleaning the onion that they don't even entertain use that much. Well, I guess they hardly have customer during lunch time. Hhmmm...

OK, the food. Here's what we ordered:

'O Jien' - dry method. This is the first time i tried the wet type and it's quite nice...

Dried tauhu. Not bad too, just that the tauhu is quite soft. 

I think they say that this is the 'penyu' or turtoise or something like that. In hokkien, 'si kah hu'. Well, a bit weird as I'm imagining myself eating my turtoise at home.. Errmmmm...

Deep fry pork leg - for those who worries of fats on pork leg, I think you should try this method. The fats  gets melted away already, I think. And the skin is crunchy!

Asam fish. It taste more like curry to me. The sour taste is a bit missing

As for the cake, we had it specially design to suit the birthday guy his taste - a strongbow shape cake. My bad, the jelly melted when I'm on my way home from the bakery.. sigh!!


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