Mulu Adventures Day 2 – Wind Caves and Clearwater Caves

This is the best adventures amongst all the caves!

Our journey begin by sitting inside a small boat, travelling through the river to a small village where they sold all sorts of local items. I loves the cool air from the jungle. It smells so different and calming. Can I just be on the boat until the sun goes down?
Can't wait for the sampan ride

So peaceful... hopefully there's no crocs here.. haha

Stopping by at the village to buy some hand made stuff

Wind caves gots its name because of unending wind inside the caves. Its freezingly windy and my sweat just gets ‘dry’ up very fast. You can even hear the sound of the wind!

Clearwater caves is a caves with water. At the end of the cave, there’s a huge waterfall. And the water is running wild towards the lake. I didn’t take a swim at the lake. I try the water and wash my face. It’s really cold water.

They say this is a figure of a lady that guides the clear water cave

We didn’t stay for long as heavy rain came pouring heavily. So, we journey home to the hotel, soak in rain. I enjoy the ride though. Hehehe….


Rose said…
And I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. :)
Dav DiDi said…
I miss the small sampan..hehe
Rosaline said…
look adventurous! upload more photos... i wanna see hehehe...

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