Go Green, Go Organic

Little did it came across my mind that I'll be stepping into a shop that sells nothing but organic food. For me, the food is too expensive.

After being "influence" by my colleagues and we form a lunch geng of organic meal on every Tuesday, it change my mind about organic food.

Normally, whenever I eat outside, I'll either end up feeling thirsty all the time or stomache. But with organic food, so far, I feel full and satisfy without any problem at all.

Oh well, for health, no harm to eat healthy once a while, right?

This shop is located at Green Heights inside Cold Storage. I can't recall the name of the shop, but there's only one organic shop in Cold Storage. Enjoy!

The organic version of kolo mee

Mee soup

Mix vegetable rice

Tea, but trust me, all the naming of the tea is so special and irresistable

Organic Laksa

Tom Yam Fried Bee Hoon


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