Go Green with Plantation

Recently I had a little project with hubby in turning our little garden into some flowery and organic garden. Oh well, it's a start for some organic fruits. Our dogs is helping us with the fertilizers (of course, this means her pee and poo, what do you think? Haha!)

Some of the plants is still small and not very eye catching, so I didn't take picture of it. I have in my garden - kedondong, papaya, chillies, guava and some local vegetables.
Papayas and kedondong

For some eye catching, I planted some cactus too. It's just an old time hobbies that I have when I'm a kid. I have not have much time now to take care of it. Hope the cactus will be alright.

More chillies at the upper picture and my little flower garden

Ok, I know, my flower look hurt.. My lovely dog help to plant her nail onto it

So, what did you plant in your garden? 


Rose said…
Not bad, Didi! Good hobby. I havent plant much things. Just a potted plant and a pot of lemongrass. hehehe! A mini garden in my backyard since I do not have any soil. All cement.
Aries said…
Looks lovely. My dog would destroy it. I had to fence up my tiny garden just to keep my plants save. Anyway, just let you know the dog urine is very acidic. My six months old puppy pees at the grass area in my garden and that patch where he normally pees, grass don't grow anymore. Wish I had a bigger space like yours to have more plants. Happy gardening and blogging

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