Lunch at Sausage Gourmet

There's new western food in town! Or maybe, not so new already since this is quite a late posting. Haaiihzzz ...

Just a day before baby eagerly to see the world, we went to Sausage Gourmet for lunch. The food is quite large plate. I think this is just a start to attract customers.

I order kids meal burger as I'm not really into heavy food. Since I'm due for delivery already, I started to watch what I eat so that I don't have much weight to lose. Hehehehe...As for drink, the only thing that suits me is milo.

Anyway, here's our food. Overall, I'm satisfied with my kids meal. It's just enough for me.

Bacon salad - if not mistaken

Three Dogs  or something like that .. 

Bacon Burger - kids meal 

I totally forgot what's the name of this one. It's not kids meal for sure.. look at the ingredient in the burger

Another types of burger
After a while, I had forgotten all the menu dish. Sorry for that. Blame it on my delay in posting.


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