Fabulosa !

New restaurant is in town! The owner is a lady with the best promoting skills I've ever know. During my first visit, I am actually amaze at the way she promotes her food. She is full with confidence and anxiety. Hhmmmmm ...

They have both local and western type of food but the expertise, as claim by the boss is western food. Hhmmmmm ..

I must admit though, that their burger is nice. It's quite a big burger for someone my size. Anyway, I can finish it. So greedy!

Local Dish:
Curry Rice

Pork Rib Rice

 Western Expertise:

"Zhu Ba Jie"

Chicken Chop
Grill Pork Burger


Rose said…
Where is this place??? Must be a lot of new eating place mushrooming around Kuching lately.
Dav DiDi said…
Its at the Stutong area. Unless you want to eat burger, else, not worth coming here. The rest of the food not so nice.

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