Short Trip to Shanghai, China

In January this year, I had to travel to Shanghai for business trip. At that time, I'm only 17 weeks pregnant. It gives me a little worry of the impact towards my baby. However, my gynae confidently sure that it will be ok.

So, here I am, Shanghai for few days. It's a tiring journey but a relaxing and eye opening! I won't deny that sometimes a little time for myself are very nice. Yes, I'm travelling alone, to a country where I can't really understand Mandarin but I know I will be OK.

The weather are quite cold, at 9 degree in the morning. There's one time I almost frozen while waiting for taxi in front of the hotel for almost an hour.

Being a full time working mom, I rarely got chance to pamper myself. From this trip, I get to take things slow - no laundry, no cooking, just sleep and watch TV. Every night, I will soak myself in the bath tub for 15 minutes and take my sweet time putting on lotions and relax.

Shopping - well I don't shop much but just buy goodies for CNY. The things there are so expensive! I never know Shanghai goodies are so pricey. And what's worst, most of the shop accept either VISA or Union Pay. It's difficult to find a shop that accepts Mastercard. I almost out of cash and got to reserve some for taxi to airport.

I indulge myself in all sorts of food there and enjoying every moment of it. There's too many variety of food and being someone who doesn't read Mandarin, I dare not order. Anyway, here's some of the food that I've tried during my trip there.

For now, I won't be travelling anymore (hopefully). I do not want to end up giving birth at country that I'm not familiar with. Hehehe...


Rose said…
Lovely trip. Great to relax and away from family once a while.

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