Tadika Kintamas Playschool

This year, my daughter going to be 3 years old. When I start looking for a playschool for her, I'm thinking of putting her only in mid of the year. However, many places that I've ask is either full or only accept students early of the year.

Kylee start her first day of school at Tadika Kintamas early this year. The first 2 weeks are tough! She cry as if I've abandon her. She been crying each time we put her on her school's dress. I had tough time trying to 'let go'.

After two weeks, she starting to get the idea of going to school and didn't cry anymore. But, it's the mummy turn to cry. Yes! I cry when she wave goodbye to me and walk in the taska.

Hopefully, she will learn more things in the playschool and socialize more. She going to have sports day next week. Can't wait for it.


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