Yoga Fan

First, I miss yoga. I miss the time that I use to spend on yoga and improving every skill that I can. Not just that, yoga gives me a healthier body and the satisfaction when I can finally achieve a tough pose.

I started yoga about five years ago (time flies). At the time, I can't even reach my hand to my leg. Can you imagine? My body is terribly corrupted and stiff. I feel like a stone!

When I first started yoga, I started with the wrong intention - to get slim down and fit body. But now, yoga just build up my confident level whenever I manage to progress into a pose. Now that I'm pregnant, I went for the prenatal yoga class whenever I can.

Many of my friends say how can yoga brings benefits? It's just a slow movement of pose. Well, through the correct breathing and practices, it not only helps with weight control but also to soften our body and make us feel good.

After I gave birth in 2012, I experience a severe back pain due to breastfeeding. Nothing I do makes it feel better. After one month stuck at home, I finally come out and start my yoga classes. I make the right choice of continuing yoga. My backpain slowly recover! Hopefully for the second birth, I still manage to catch up some yoga class later.

These pictures are all taken after I gave birth in 2012. Hopefully, I can motivate and inspire those who plan to explore yoga. I'm still learning and praying hard that after my second birth, I can still have time for yoga. 

I'm not sure about others, but then yoga makes me feel more confident in myself - that I have the capability of doing something I didn't expect I can do it. It's not all about slim down or lose weight. It is more on satisfaction when able to achieve a higher stage and building up self confident. 

So, for those pregnant ladies out there. Interested to join me at prenatal yoga class? Kekeke....


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