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Honda GoldWing Bike

A while ago, while walking around 7th mile, I came across this bike, which is owned by someone. The owner - unknown. But the bike really attract my attentions.

From the plate on the bike, it is call the Honda GoldWing. For me, it is call Big bike. Gosh, I wonder if I'll have a chance to sit at passenger even for a minute!

I'm not sure where is the owner.. With my amazement, I looked at the functions that the bike has. Wow, guess what... This bike is air-conditioned!!! Now I'm wondering how the air-conditioned would work. Whle you are on the road, isn't it true that the wind is would blow the air-conditioned away? It's like turn on your air-conditioned when you are in your car and at the same time, open the window. Hhmmm...

With my curiousity, I googled a little bit to see the history of this bike. This is what I get from Wiki:
"The Honda Gold Wing motocycle had its debut in 1975 and became one of the most popular motorcycles in history. Initially intended as a road bike, it started the new trend in touring bikes. The Gold Wing was the first motorcycle with an airbag system."
I believe the one I saw is of the model GL 1800.

2 tell DD:

Rose 9:26 AM  

Wow! There is one in Kuching??? The owner must be damn rich. You didnt wait to see who is the owner, young, old, handsome or not? haha!

Dav DiDi 10:43 AM  

Hahaha.... Rose, I saw this bike in front of a bike shop ... not sure whose the owner .. i wish to know who too! *wink* ... just imagine .. riding in a bike with air conditioned ...

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