Honda GoldWing Bike

A while ago, while walking around 7th mile, I came across this bike, which is owned by someone. The owner - unknown. But the bike really attract my attentions.

From the plate on the bike, it is call the Honda GoldWing. For me, it is call Big bike. Gosh, I wonder if I'll have a chance to sit at passenger even for a minute!

I'm not sure where is the owner.. With my amazement, I looked at the functions that the bike has. Wow, guess what... This bike is air-conditioned!!! Now I'm wondering how the air-conditioned would work. Whle you are on the road, isn't it true that the wind is would blow the air-conditioned away? It's like turn on your air-conditioned when you are in your car and at the same time, open the window. Hhmmm...

With my curiousity, I googled a little bit to see the history of this bike. This is what I get from Wiki:
"The Honda Gold Wing motocycle had its debut in 1975 and became one of the most popular motorcycles in history. Initially intended as a road bike, it started the new trend in touring bikes. The Gold Wing was the first motorcycle with an airbag system."
I believe the one I saw is of the model GL 1800.


Rose said…
Wow! There is one in Kuching??? The owner must be damn rich. You didnt wait to see who is the owner, young, old, handsome or not? haha!
Dav DiDi said…
Hahaha.... Rose, I saw this bike in front of a bike shop ... not sure whose the owner .. i wish to know who too! *wink* ... just imagine .. riding in a bike with air conditioned ...

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